Who we are

This blog was started by my brother John and I (Stavros). When we both decided to live a predominantly plant based lifestyle. We also though it would be a good idea to start a website about what we believe in.

Our passion for plant based living extends further than just cooking and recipes. John had dedicated himself to living a vegan lifestyle and I have dedicated myself to vegetarianism.

Between the both of us I think we have the plant based philosophy covered without excluding anyone.

We hope to publish articles that will genuinely inform the novice while also giving the seasoned pro something interesting to read and adding value to the “Greening” of our lives.

We truly hope that you enjoy what we have published and if you have any ideas that we can write about, please drop us a line.

We would at this stage like to mention that we are neutral when it comes to the politics of plant based issues, choosing to focus on the lifestyle instead.

We make no apologies for that as we believe everyone has the right to exercise their free will as they decided for themselves and that includes us.