Which Restaurant Chains are Vegan Friendly?

Fast Food Veganism

More and more Americans are moving into plant-based diets recently. The reasons for this are health and support for the animals who are slaughtered just for food. This has pushed various restaurants all over the country to have vegan options on their menu. Therefore, there are a lot of restaurant chains that are vegan friendly. You just need to choose the right food. Of course, it is important to tell the order taker that you are vegan. For now, there are no pure vegan fast-food restaurants. There are a lot of fast-food restaurants that offer vegan food though like Burger King, Taco Bell, and In N Out Burger. Here are the restaurants with vegan options in the US:


Is Denny’s restaurant vegan friendly? That is the question on a lot of people’s minds. Denny’s answered this question by introducing a bunch of vegan food items. The first item that comes to mind is Veggie Burger with Brioche Bun. It is pretty yummy and you won’t notice the difference that is plant-based and not made from animal meat. Amy’s Burger is another delicious dish that will make you forget where your name the moment you try it. For breakfast, be sure to order their English muffin along with some vegan sides like applesauce, oatmeal, and avocado. They also have vegan-friendly hash browns which are a dream come true for fans of this lovely food item.

Cheesecake Factory

For a restaurant that is named the Cheesecake factory, you would think they won’t have any vegan options. That is where you are wrong as they actually have a few items on their menu that are vegan friendly. One item that deserves special mention is the Vegan Cobb Salad. They also have a Veggie Burger that you just need to request for the cheese and maybe taken out. Evelyn’s Pasta can also be vegan as long as you request for the parmesan cheese to not be added. In addition, tell the waitress to hold the parmesan off of the kale and quinoa salad and you have another fantastic vegan dish right in front of you. Another one of their salads that can be easily made into vegan is the Falafel Salad as you just need to replace the feta with any of their vegan dressings and it is going to be twice as good.


The popular fast-food chain has some items that can be made into vegan. It starts off with the most obvious one being the Asian Cashew Chicken Salad as you just need to request for the chicken to not be included. The veggie sandwich is another vegetarian’s dream come true. If you are vegan, you just need to say that mayonnaise need not be included. The frywich is a vegan favorite at Wendy’s because it includes their crispy cut fries which is purely vegan alongside fresh vegetables. It doesn’t get any healthier than that.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a dream come true for the vegan community because they now have a vegetarian menu. Now, it won’t be that hard to adjust the items there and make it completely vegan. All you need to do is to say the magic words “Fresco style” to the cashier and they will already know that you are vegan. They would substitute the meat for black beans and the cheese for pico de gallo. Black beans are so good that it can pass off as meat. In fact, there are already a number of vegan choices on their menu including the Mexican rice and the cinnamon.

Burger King

Second, only to McDonald’s, Burger King has got to be the most popular fast-food restaurant in the whole world. We have seen Burger King as one of the first vegan fast-food restaurants with vegan options in their various branches. First, their french fries are purely vegan as it is made with vegetable oil. Their burgers can easily be vegan as you just need to ask for dough and not the biscuit. In addition, don’t forget to ask them to exclude the mayonnaise and the meat. Put the finishing touches in your meal by opting for fresh lemonade.

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is known as an ice cream place with loads of flavors. Recently, they introduced two new flavors that are dairy-free. The two flavors are Non-Dairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Non-Dairy Chocolate Extreme. Both flavors are equally satisfying so they used a good substitute for cow’s milk for them. In fact, chocolate lovers probably won’t know the difference when they get to try these two yummy flavors. If you want to experiment on healthy dessert dishes, why not put them alongside two bananas for a vegan banana split?

Carl’s Jr.

Who doesn’t love Carl’s Jr. burgers? Recently, they made a couple of Beyond Burger based burgers that would satisfy those who have a plant-based diet. The first is Beyond BBQ Cheeseburger and the second is the Beyond Starburger. To make these two burgers completely vegan, be sure to ask the cashier to hold off the mayo and cheese. The sides of the burgers are completely vegan including the crisscut fries, hash-brown nuggets, and french fries.

Pizza Express

This USA phenomenon has recently added three new vegan dishes to its menu and all of them are great. The carrot cake is a dessert dish that even meat-eaters would love. The Peperonata is a pasta dish mixed with veggies. Last but not the least, vegan pizza lovers get the Puttanesca Romana. It is going to satisfy your pizza cravings without having to endure animal cruelty products.


Bareburger is not that popular as other fast-food burger joints but it is right up there in terms of popularity. It offers both the Beyond Burger and the Impossible Burger. There is no adjustment that needs to be done with the Beyond Burger since it is already completely vegan. However, you would need to do a few adjustments with the cheese as you would need to request for the vegan one. Add that to the fact that there are already a number of vegan-friendly options on their menu including the Farmstead, Napa Slaw, and French Fries. They even have homemade burgers that have nothing but vegetable toppings.

TGI Friday’s

We have to admit there are not many options on the menu when it comes to vegan-friendly. There is one item that catches our attention though and that is the Beyond Burger. Of course, you would need to tell them to not put any cheese or mayonnaise in the Beyond Burger. It needs to only be topped with vegetables such as onions, pickles, and lettuce. Who says you can’t enjoy a weeknight with your vegan friends? TGIF is a great place to hang out.

Papa John’s

Believe it or not, Papa John’s now has a vegan cheese option. However, it is only for three of its flavors. On their menu, they already have a few vegan-friendly options like vegan hot dog scrolls and vegan cheese wedges. Top it all off with one of their ice-cold drinks and it is a meal come true. Add that to the fact that they usually have promos for their pizzas. That is enough reason to come and diner there.

The Real Greek

The restaurant recently launched a vegan menu so it is the only thing we should look at. It is packed with delicious favorites such as vegan moussaka. Unlike other vegan menus, you have a lot to choose from here as there are 30 dishes. They are all pretty good too.

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In N Out Burger

This popular burger chain has a grilled cheese without the cheese so that is a sandwich with just the onions, tomato, and lettuce. Furthermore, the fast-food restaurant also has fries that are cooked using sunflower oil so it is vegan friendly. On a side note, it would be wise to avoid their special sauce since it is not vegan friendly.

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

Everyone’s favorite pretzel factor offers vegan options. First, you can select flavors that are vegan-friendly. Don’t worry most of them are though including original, almond, and cinnamon sugar. Second, request for them to not put any butter on the pretzels. You can now top it all off with their world-famous fresh lemonade. Yes, you can’t blame yourself when you crave for Auntie Anne’s every time you see them whipping up those yummy treats.

Better take all the above down if you want to enjoy vegan food in your favorite restaurants. The moment you tell them you are vegan, they will certainly remember it the next time. Thus, when you go back there, they will already know what you want. While it is true that it is easier to be vegan by cooking vegan meals at home, it can also be possible to do it while eating at popular restaurants. Besides, you’d want there to be times when you enjoy the company of other people.