vegan egg Substitute

What is the best vegan egg substitute?

Eggs Substitutes Worth Considering?

Have you been wondering what is the best vegan egg substitute? If you prefer not to cook with eggs because you are vegan or if you have an allergy to eggs, then the good news is that you can still enjoy cooking some great food with these egg substitute options that we share here in this article to help make your cooking a pleasure instead of you wasting your time wondering about what you can use to replace eggs. 

You have some really great options below, such as bananas as the best vegan egg substitute for cake. You can try making the same dish a few times by opting for different egg substitute suggestions here to see which ones you like for a particular recipe. For example, one time you may want to try the dish by replacing eggs with flax seeds, the next time you may try a banana to replace an egg, and then you may try the dish with instant potatoes. This will help you to determine what you prefer.

Also, be reminded, that while you may like a banana to replace eggs in one type of dish you prepare for a meal, the reality is that you may not like a banana as much in another dish. Getting used to this process will take some time. Have some patience. After a few weeks to a month or so, you will likely figure out what works best for you and what you and your family prefer.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds indeed can be used to replace eggs in recipes. If you combine water with flax seeds that have been ground, this will provide consistency for your mixture that is gelatinous, very much like egg whites. If you are seeking the replacement of one large egg for the recipe that you are making, then you will need to combine three tablespoons of water with one tablespoon of flax seeds that have been ground. It is necessary to let the combined water and flax seeds rest for about twenty minutes prior to adding the combination to your dough. This mixture will do well in acting as an egg in the binding of ingredients together. But do note that it will not function as a leavening agent in the same manner that eggs do.

 Chia Seeds

When chia seeds are placed in water, they react similarly to flax seeds. Yet, it must be noted that they do tend to become even thicker than flax seeds when they are combined with water. If you desire to use chia seeds in order to replace an egg for your particular recipe, then you would use the same rate as mentioned for flax seeds that are ground, which is three tablespoons of water and one tablespoon of chia seeds that are ground. Again, let the combination rest for at least twenty minutes before adding it to your recipe. It is important to consider how many eggs your recipe requires. This egg replacement is best suited for recipes that require the usage of just one or two eggs.


When you want to replace the usage of an egg in a recipe, a banana is a terrific option due to the fact that it provides an abundance of moisture for dough or batter. But do note that it will not aid in the leavening process. The banana will add a fruity flavor that may be somewhat strong. For example, if you are baking chocolate chip cookies, you will really be making banana chocolate chip cookies. Also, keep in mind that bananas are quite sweet, which means that it may be a good idea to reduce some of the amount of sugar in whatever you are making. Note that one mashed medium banana can be used in the replacement of one egg. To replace two eggs, you will need to use two mashed medium bananas.

Instant mashed potatoes

Instant mashed potatoes are a great option when a savory recipe that is made with veggie meat calls for an egg or two to act as a binding agent. You can ditch the eggs and add instant mashed potatoes instead. The powdered potato flakes really do make a good binding agent when you want to make veggie meatballs, veggie meatloaf or veggie burgers. It is a good idea to use two heaping tablespoons per egg that needs to be replaced.

Silken tofu

When you notice that your recipes indicate the need to add leavening agents such as baking powder or baking soda, then you will likely find on the ingredient list the need to add an egg or two as well. In such cases when the eggs are in conjunction with baking soda or other leavening agents, the purpose of the eggs is to simply serve to add moisture to the recipe. In this scenario, you can decide to use silken tofu as a way to replace eggs in the recipe. You will want to use one-quarter of a cup of silken tofu for the replacement of one egg. Repeat the same measurement for each additional egg that you wish to replace. Silken tofu is the ideal solution to use when you want to replace eggs in desserts that are dense, such as quick bread or decadent brownies. Make sure that you puree the silken tofu to a smooth texture before adding it to the other ingredients in the recipe.

Apple sauce

When you are wondering what is the best vegan egg substitute for baking, It is interesting to realize that apple sauce can also be used when it comes to the replacement of those eggs in a recipe. But it is important to ensure that there is another leavening agent in the recipe as well due to the fact that apple sauce only serves to add moisture and to bind ingredients together. It does not help as a leavening agent to make that scrumptious recipe rise. When you place it in your oven to bake. Do note that apple sauce will change the flavor of the recipe a bit. It is preferred to use apple sauce that is unsweetened. To replace one egg in the recipe, use one-quarter cup of apple sauce.